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Photo Friday: Handsome

12 februari 2012 Roelfina 0

hand·some/?han(d)s?m/ Adjective: (of a man) Good-looking. (of a woman) Striking and imposing in good looks rather than conventionally pretty. Of course this is a very subjective theme. Everyone has other standards for the qualification handsome. Nonetheless I think the picture below is my representation of handsome.

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Photo Friday: Pristine

20 januari 2012 Roelfina 0

I directly thought of the beautiful Japanese gardens I’ve been to in 2008 when I saw this weeks challenge. Here you see Suizenji-kõen, a garden showing the 53 trainstops between Tokyo and Kyoto.

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Photo Friday: Cloudy

13 januari 2012 Roelfina 0

This weeks challenge was “Cloudy”. When we were in the Maldives, we had a lot of storms and rain. But the clouds in stormy weather are hard to catch. So here a picture of the clouds above the Maldives during the sunset.

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